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Guild Message of the Day - May 24th
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vote kick News

By: Smùsh - July 26th

Ragnaros down 7/7 - Heroics here we come!



By: Smùsh - July 14th

Lord Ryo Movie!

By: Smùsh - July 12th

6/7 - Majordomo Staghelm down!



We are recruiting 1 x boomkin. Please take the time to apply!!

By: Smùsh - July 8th

Back on track.

Last night we went back into firelands determined to move forward with our progression. Everyone was focused and the end result was both Alysrasor and Gatekeeper went down. Congratulations to all on the loot.

By: Smùsh - July 1st

Lord Ryo Down

We were able to down Lord Ryo after a few attempts last night. Great job to everyone learning to steer this monster and avoiding the damage. It was a fun fight and definitely a new mechanic.

Next we will be working on Alyzrazor and the gate keeper!! We are off sunday for the holiday and return monday for some new kills!!

By: Smùsh - June 30th

First night and too much trash....

Bethilac & Shannox down!!! great job everyone.

By: Smùsh - June 14th

Firelands Approaching Recruitment Open

Firelands is set to release June 21st and we at Vote Kick feel we are ready to make a push the progression ladder with regards to this instance. Our current 11 man roster is the most stable it has been this raiding season and we are ready to push ourselves to the limit.

During the first few two months of Firelands we are going to be adding Wednesday night to our raids which will help us progress at a decent rate. Our Firelands raid schedule will be Wed, Thurs, Sun, Mon 7-10PM PST.

Vote Kick is currently recruiting to bolster our 10 man roster. Our goal is to have a 12-13 man raid roster so we are able to rotate classes, cover absences, and progress at a decent rate in the new tier. The following classes are in high demand. 

1 x Rogue
1 x Boomkin Druid

If your class is not listed please feel free to fill out an application as we are always looking for excellent raiders. Please keep in mind that your character you apply on should be geared with at least 360 pve gear and best raiding enchants. We want to see that you put effort into your toon.

By: Smùsh - June 13th

Level 25!!

Vote Kick is now a level 25 guild!! woohoo

By: Smùsh - May 13th

H: Magmaw Down 5/13 H Modes

Title says it all. We were able to start and finish magmaw in 2hrs of attempts. Great job everyone!!

By: Smùsh - May 9th

H: Maloriak Down 4/13 H modes

We are now 4/13 Heroic and pushing hard!! Recruitment is still open to begin our 2nd 10man group.

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